Albaran offers multidisciplinary strategic and practical advice and services to business enterprises and public institutions. Our work is based on our background as lawyers, economists and engineers.

Based upon the broad experience and competence of the partners in Albaran, Albaran offers a wide range of services adjusted to the customer’s specific demands. Our main fields of service are;

  • project management and quality assurance
  • procurement (private and public)
  • contracts (drafting, negotiations and conduct of contracts) – Contract Governance
  • corporate and business strategy, including M&A
  • due diligence and investigations
  • mediation and dispute resolution

Our clients are mainly small and medium sized companies, municipalities, branch associations and Norwegian governmental bodies. In respect of non-Norwegian clients that may undertake or who are already having business operations in Norway, Albaran has experience in assisting both in respect of operational issues as well as in respect of how to approach public authorities and conduct business within the Norwegian framework.